Vermicular Oven Pot Engraving Service

Licensed Goods
$46.00 USD

Japanese Vermicular enamel cast iron pot exclusive engraving service, you can engrave the text of your choice on the pot lid to create a unique enamel cast iron pot full of commemorative value, which is very suitable for personal use or as a gift.


Service Introduction

  • Only suitable for Vermicular cast iron pans, other Vermicular products do not include engraving service.
  • Up to 11 characters can be engraved, including: uppercase English letters (AZ), numbers (0-9), spaces and special symbols "." (dot), " / " (slash), " - " (dash) or Heart-shaped .
  • Since the lettering is cast on the new enamel cast iron pot, the ordering time will take 6 months, please allow enough time.
  • Once the lettering content is confirmed, it cannot be modified .
  • Pictures are for reference only, cast iron pan products are not included. Please purchase at the same time when placing an order cast iron pan products .


Intimate pre-sales and after-sales service

For those of you who love to cook, buying cast iron cookware is undoubtedly a joy. We are real [Vermicular] users, and we often use cast iron pans for cooking, so we know that using cast iron pans also requires a learning process.

Before the sale, we are very happy to provide you with thoughtful advice when purchasing cast iron kitchenware, so that you can choose the most desirable 【Vermicular】cast iron pot. When you buy 【Vermicular】cast iron pot and go home, we are also happy to answer your questions about use and maintenance. We hope to treat every guest as a friend, and this promise can only be given to you by us at Afterwork Grocery.

For enquiries, please contact us on WhatsApp 5132 5719 , or follow our IG for more experience @afterwork_kitchen / @afterwork_grocery

For shipping information of regions outside Hong Kong, please refer to our shipping policy.

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