Exclusive offers for Atome users

New users : Atome new users get HK$40 discount for purchases over HK$500
All users: All Atome users
get HK$20 off for purchases over HK$800

* Quantity is limited, first come first served. Terms and conditions apply.
* Can be used in conjunction with other Afterwork Grocery promo codes
* Promotion period: From July 1, 2022 to July 31, 2022

Atome payment operation process

common problem

1. Am I eligible to use Atome services?

To use Atome, you must:
- At least eighteen years old
- Currently living in Hong Kong
- Possess a phone number registered with the local telecommunications company with my ID card number
- have a credit card

2. How to pay with Atome in Afterwork Grocery?

Purchase on the Afterwork Grocery website and choose Atome as the payment method. After confirming the order, pay the first installment (one-third of the total transaction amount) with a credit card. The remaining two installments will be received in equal installments every other month, and the interest is free. It's so easy and simple.

3. When using Atome to pay, is there any payment amount limit?

When paying with Atome, the transaction amount must be between HK$15 - $10,000.

4. What is my transaction limit?

For every customer using Atome, the transaction limit for Hong Kong credit cards is HK$10,000, and the transaction limit for Hong Kong debit cards is HK$3,000 .

5. Do I need to pay extra to use Atome's services?

Atome is a free service with no hidden fees and no interest as long as you pay on time.

6. Do customers have to pay to use Atome's services?

Atome is a free service with no hidden fees or interest as long as you pay on time.

7. Can I apply for a refund? How can I check the status of my refund?

As long as your transaction complies with the refund rules of Afterwork Grocery and successfully refunds in Afterwork Grocery, Atome will process your refund application immediately.

If you get a full refund, any outstanding installment bills will be canceled and all monies received will be refunded. For example, if you have paid the first installment, Atome will cancel the remaining two installments and refund the first installment to you.

If you get a partial refund, the refund amount will be deducted from the next installment. For example, if you purchased two items worth $450 each, you have paid $300 in the first installment bill, and a refund request of $450 is approved, you only need to pay $150 in the second installment bill, and the third installment bill will be got canceled. Any remaining balance will be fully refunded to your credit card.

Total for 2 items: $900 ($300 x 3 installments)
Partial refund: $450
Amount remaining to be paid: $450
First installment payment = $300
Second installment = $300 (-$150)
3rd Installment = $300 (Canceled)

Your Atome account overview will automatically update in "Billing" to show a full or partial refund

8. Can I delay the repayment date?

In general, Atome does not accept delayed repayment. However, if you encounter technical problems or other circumstances that prevent you from making payments on time, please contact Atome for support as soon as possible.

9. What happens if I miss the repayment date?

If you miss your repayment date, Atome will freeze your account until Atome receives the payment due. To reactivate the account, Atome charges a $100 processing fee. If Atome has not received the handling fee and payment within 7 days, Atome will charge an additional $50.

In Hong Kong, the maximum handling fee charged per transaction is $300. In other words, if you pay back on time, the only thing you have to pay is the amount of the item itself.

10. When I pay with Atome, can I also enjoy the discounts offered by the credit card company?

Can. When a bank offers credit card spending rebates, and you use Atome to make payments with the bank's credit card, you can enjoy the offer at the same time.

11. After I make payment with Atome, how will the payment appear on the bank statement?

A transaction paid with Atome is no different from any other transaction using a credit card. After using Atome to pay, the transaction amount of the installment payment will appear in the next 3 bank statements. You can download and log in to the Atome app to view all transactions made with Atome.

For the terms and conditions of Atome installment payment, please refer to: https://www.atome.hk/terms-of-service

Event Terms and Conditions

  • Atome Hong Kong Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Atome") and Afterwork Grocery are the organizers of the event.
  • During the promotion period, each customer can only use the above offer once, and the number of this offer is limited, first-come-first-served, first-come, first-served and subject to records of Atome and Afterwork Grocery.
  • Offers must be redeemed in the form of coupons in the Atome mobile app.
  • Customers must pay with Atome and cannot change the payment method.
  • Atome and Afterwork Grocery have the right to cancel the relevant order if anyone is found to participate in this event with an empty account, fake account, same series of email addresses, plug-in programs or other informal means, or to disrupt or manipulate this event with any program. notify.
  • All information and time are subject to the requirements of the Atome server. Once all participants participate, they agree to participate in this event and abide by the terms and conditions of this event.
  • The event cannot be exchanged for cash, refunds or other coupons of nominal value. Holders will not receive cash or other forms of change.
  • If there is any delay, loss, error, unrecognizable or damage to the participant's information due to computer, website, network, communication, technology or other reasons that cannot be attributed to Atome, the participant must agree that Atome will not be responsible for this Any responsibility shall be assumed and the data received by the Atome server shall prevail.
  • Atome and Afterwork Grocery reserve the right to cancel, terminate, postpone or change the terms and conditions of this event (including participant restrictions) without prior notice, and have the final interpretation of these terms and conditions. In case of any dispute, Atome and Afterwork Grocery will have the final decision.
  • Atome and Afterwork Grocery are not product or service providers, and therefore will not assume any responsibility for such products or services.