Afterwork Grocery emphasizes on the post-sale experience for our customers. We co-operate with one of the famous knife sharpening master, hoping to provide the best knife sharpening service to every customer.


About 【鄒身刀。張張利】

Mr. Kenneth Chow is a culinary school graduate. He has been a full-time knife sharpening master for more than 5 years and has sharpened more than thousands of knives. Mr. Chow always enthusiastically shares his knowledge of knife sharpening in Towngas Cooking Center and his private classes. Kenneth can help to make any knives sharp again!


Sharpening Service Charge

* Only eligible to Hong Kong customers

General knife sharpening service:

  • Basic charge: Charge per knife is HK$7 x blade length (per cm).
    For Example: blade length 20cm: HK$7 x 20 = HK$140
  • Additional charges: If there is any chipping or other serious problem, additional charge will be applied depending on the situation.
  • Customers can come to the Hang Hau MTR Station for delivery
  • Or request for on-site sharpening at a minimum cost of HK$500.
  • Ship the knives to Master Chow via SF Express, and pay for to and return shipping fee (about $25-30 each way).

If you have purchased kitchen knives from Afterwork Grocery:

  • Each knife valued at or above HK$700 or above is eligible for 50% discount for sharpening service once in the first year.
  • Valid receipt or purchase record (e.g. email) is required for proof of purchase

Whatsapp for sharpening service appointment