Become our members and join the rewards program to earn points! You can earn points through different activities and redeem coupons. When you buy products with us again, you will get an extra discount!

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Earning points is super easy!

Earning points is really very simple, just press the gift box icon 🎁 in the lower left corner of the screen, it will open the reward program menu. Just follow the instructions, and you can easily earn points!

You can easily accumulate reward points from these activities:

* In case of FPS / bank transfer, points will be issued at the discounted amount
** If the review includes photos or videos, you can get a total of 1000 + 2000 points, a total of 3000 points


Every 1000 points can be exchanged for a $10 coupon!

For every 1000 points, you can redeem a HK$10 coupon! And there is no upper limit, the more points you have, the more valuable coupons you can redeem! Please refer to the following examples:

* Coupons will be presented in the form of promo codes, which can be used by entering the promo code before payment.
* Only one set of coupon codes can be used at a time, and other coupon codes cannot be used together .

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Points Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do points expire?
A: Points will not expire unless you decide to delete your account.

Q: If I am not a member when purchasing products, will my shopping amount still be converted into points?
A: Yes, as long as you register as a member with the email address you used when shopping, the points will be automatically replenished to your account, and you can choose to use the points when you shop next time!

Q: Can points be transferred?
A: Points can only follow your account and cannot be transferred to another account.

Q: After purchasing the product, when will the points be credited?
A: Points will be issued immediately after payment is confirmed.

Q: How to check and use points?
A: After logging in, click the gift box icon in the lower left corner of the screen to open the point plan screen, and perform points check and redemption operations.

Q: What if I forgot to use the promo code after payment?
A: The discount code must be entered before payment. Once the payment is made, you cannot apply the discount code.

Q: Can two sets of discount codes be used at the same time?
A: No, the system can only accept one set of promo codes at a time. However, if you use FPS / bank transfer, you can still enjoy a 3% discount.