Parker Asahi RUBBER Rubber Matte Black

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The Asahi Black Synthetic Rubber Cutting Board is ideal for small kitchens where space is limited. Its special synthetic rubber has a good trickling effect, water is not easily retained, and the water evaporates quickly to minimize the growth of bacteria. You do not have to worry about the colour stain from the ingredients with black cutting board. It also highlights the colour of the ingredients and makes the residue easier to see. The synthetic rubber has a texture close to a wooden cutting board, with good resilience and no damage to the knife blades. The special rubber has good friction, so the ingredients will not slip easily and it is safer when cutting food. After use, rinse it with water, wipe with a cloth and hang up. The cutting board has a small hole for easy hanging and storage, so it's easy to take it outdoors for camping!



✅ Special synthetic rubber does not absorb water, residual water evaporates quickly, can reduce the breeding of bacteria
✅ Cutting feel is close to wooden cutting board, a good sense of resilience, and does not hurt the knife
✅ Special rubber has good friction. Ingredients are not easy to slip, handling ingredients is much safer
✅ Compact size and lightweight, with thickness of 0.8cm,  which is easy to handle ingredients in a small space
✅ Designed with a hole, easy to hang up for storage
✅ Food colour stain would be seen. It also highlight the colour of the ingredients, and the residue is easier to see
✅ Can be used as outdoor camping chopping boards
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Notes for using:

* Do not clean with dishwasher to avoid bending
* Move away from heat and not to boil in water
* Use #100 sandpaper to refurbish knife marks, if any (or use Hasegawa Cutting Board Brush)





  • Size:
    • 255mm(L) x 175mm(W) x 8mm (H)
    • 300mm(L) x 200mm(W) x 8mm (H)
    • 370mm(L) x 240mm(W) x 8mm (H)
  • Weight:
    • 25cm x 17.5cm:400g
    • 30cm x 20cm:500g
    • 37cm x 24cm:700g
  • Heat Resistant Temperature:90°C
  • Material:合成橡膠
  • Origin:Japan
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