Snow Peak Yan Sanjo Micro Dutch Pot CS-501R

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Good Design Award
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The mini cast iron pot launched by the famous Japanese camping brand Snow Peak, small in size but powerful in function. It is very suitable for use even at home, in a car-camping, or glamping. This little cast iron pot can be used for frying, stewing vegetables and meat, cooking soup, and even baking bread. The camping experience will be completely improved immediately!



✅ Excellent ultra-thin cast iron casting technology, derived from the homeland of Snow Peak - Yansanjo area, Niigata Prefecture
✅ Small size, powerful function, very convenient for parking in the car or camping
✅ The part where the pot cover and the pot body meet, the precise and ingenious fitting design allows two identical pot bodies or pot covers to fit together and be used together
✅ The delicate sand mold technology makes the thickness of the pot body extremely thin unbelievable
✅ Although the pot is small, it also has the characteristics of a cast iron pot, which can bring out the original flavor of the ingredients 100%, allowing you to easily enjoy the colorful cast iron pot food
🏆 Won the 2003 Good Design Award, a well-known Japanese design award





  • Dimensions: 242mm (L) x 160mm ( width) x 89mm (height)
  • Weight : 2.6kg
  • Material: Ductile Iron
  • Capacity: lid/430ml, body/1130ml
  • Origin: Japan
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