Hario Filter-in Cold Brew Coffee Bottle 650ml FIC-70

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Color: Pale Gray
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Hario Cold Brew Coffee Maker, with unique bottle design. The shape is exceptionally elegant. Just pour coffee powder into Fill the long strainer with water, then refrigerate for 8 hours and enjoy it at home at any time cold brew coffee. This cold brew coffee bottle's capacity is 650ml, able to prepare about 5 cups.



✅ Hario Professional Cold Brew Coffee Maker for Cold Brew
Unique bottle design, elegant shape
✅ Sealed bottle cap design, which can effectively block the odor in the refrigerator and affect the quality of coffee
✅ 650ml capacity, can prepare about 5 cups

Long fine mesh filter, can hold about 60g of coffee powder
✅ Can also be used to make cold brew tea
Imported from Japan





  • Dimensions: 900mm (L) x 890mm (W) x 305mm (H)
  • Weight: 440g
  • Capacity: 650ml
  • Material: heat-resistant glass, silicone , PP , polyester fiber
  • Origin: Japan
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