MARNA Ecocarat Dish Draining Tray

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Color: Pastel Blue
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MARNA Ecocarat ceramic hygroscopic stone is a humidity control material, jointly developed by LIXIL and MARNA, which is 5 times more hygroscopic than diatomaceous earth! You can put the washed dishes on the Ecocarat porous ceramic moisture-absorbing tray, so that Ceramic moisture tray absorbs drips quickly, reducing the chance of mildew.



✅ ECOCARAT ceramic stone  has five times higher moisture absorption capacity than diatomaceous earth
✅ All natural, non-toxic, safe to place tableware
✅ Can quickly absorb the water dripping from the tableware to prevent mold caused by moisture
✅ Simply rinse with water and dry for continued use





  • Dimensions: 320mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 8mm (thick)
  • Weight: about 500g
  • Material: porous ceramic
  • Origin: Japan
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