SALIU Natural Cherry Wood Narrow Spatula

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SALIU natural cherry wooden spatula is a narrow spatula that is very suitable for cooking ingredients in pots. Made of natural cherry wood in Gifu Prefecture with fine wood texture, strong and durable, not easy to scratch. The wood of the shovel is very light, You won't get tired after using it for a long time.



 Made of natural cherry wood in Gifu Prefecture with fine wood texture
The mountain cherry wood is strong and durable, not easy to scratch, and it will become darker after slow use
✅The shovel only weighs about 30 grams, which is lighter than other woods, and it will not be tired after a long time of use
✅ Suitable for enamel, stainless steel, easy-clean coating kitchen utensils used together
✅ The narrow spatula is suitable for frying or stirring ingredients in a deep pot

* Log products have different natural wood grains and color shades, which are normal products



  • Dimensions: 26 mm (L) x 55mm (width) x 12mm (thickness)
  • Weight : 30g
  • Material: natural cherry wood
  • Origin: Japan
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