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UMAi Dry dry-aging Bags 40cm x 70cm - 3pcs

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UMAi Dry dry-aging bag allows you to cook restaurant-quality steak at home. UMAi Dry's special dry aging bag allows the moisture in the meat to slowly evaporate, and at the same time blocks bacteria and odors. Even if you don't have professional aging equipment, you can still enjoy the meat The joy of aging meat. You can air dry according to your preference 28 days, 35 days , 45 days, or even up to 60 days .



✅ Breathable Ripe into bags, slowly volatilize in the meat Moisture
Can block bacteria and odor
✅ Contains 3 dry-aged bags of 40cm x 70cm
✅ Contains 5 UMAi VacMouse® allows you to use it with a vacuum machine
✅ Each bag is suitable for about 14-20 lbs Aged Sirloin, Rib Eye and other parts

* Another 30cm x 60cm style
* need to use a separate vacuum machine vacuum mature bag




  • Dimensions: 400mm (W) x 700mm (L)
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