Falcon Enamelware Oval Plate

$35.00 USD
顏色: 白色藍邊 White with Blue rim
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Falcon Enamelware Oval Plate is the newly released plate shape. It is suitable for fish, chicken, dinner party serving platter or a carving tray.



✅ The newly released oval plate from Falcon Enamelware
✅ Suitable for fish, chicken, dinner party serving platter or a carving tray
✅ It can be heated on direct fire, or directly into the oven and refrigerator, but do not use it in a microwave oven
✅ Maximum heat resistance up to 270°C
✅ Can be used on open flame, induction hob and oven
✅ Smooth and easy to clean, also suitable for dishwasher

✅ Good acidity and salt resistance, not easy to produce chemical changes with ingredients
✅ Lightweight, stackable for storage

* If the edge of the product is unevenly colored, or there are small black spots on the surface, it is a normal phenomenon during production and does not affect the use and safety.
* Unless the product is seriously damaged, such as scratches or bumps, it cannot be used as a reason for return.



  • Size: 360mm(L) x 280mm(W) x 25mm (D)
  • Weight; 460g
  • Material: Enamel
  • Origin: China
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