BRUNO Cupcake Plate (Compact Hot Plate Applicable)

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The baking tray is equipped with 8 small cake mold holes, which can be quickly baked just by pouring the batter. It can also be used with cake paper molds or silicone molds, saving cleaning time. The baked cup cakes are simply squeezed with cream, decorated with chocolate pens or sliced ​​fruits, it is a beautiful afternoon tea snack, and it is also a good way to greet guests!


✅ Suitable for BRUNO Multifunctional Compact Hot Plate
✅ The baking tray has a non-stick and easy-clean surface for easier cleaning
✅ Equipped with 8 small cake mold holes, pour the batter after preheating and bake quickly
✅ It can also be used with cake paper mold or silicone mold


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  • Product size: 300mm (width) x 205mm (depth) x 44mm (height)
  • Weight : 1000g
  • Material : aluminum alloy
  • Origin: China
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