BRUNO Glass Lid with Handle (for Compact Hot Plate)

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It's easy to see at a glance! The new exclusive accessory Glass Lid is officially launched! The new exclusive accessories Glass Lid glass lid and long handle allow you to see the cooking progress of the food at any time when cooking with the multi-functional electric hot pot, and it also makes the atmosphere of the Home Party soar!


✅ Suitable for BRUNO Multifunctional Electric Heater Compact Hot Plate
✅ Transparent design, the cooking process can be
✅ The long handle can be placed vertically, saving space
✅ It is equipped with a waterproof drip groove design, so you are not afraid of dripping when placed vertically
✅ The handle can also be replaced with the original stainless steel lid for use bakeware , ceramic deep pots and other bakeware can be used



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  • Product size : 307mm (width) x 100mm (depth) x 211mm (height)
  • Weight : 2.8kg
  • Material: glass, phenolic resin
  • Origin: China
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