BRUNO Ceramic Coated Split Pot (for Compact Hot Plate)

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$45.00 USD
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Based on a ceramic deep pot, it is divided into left and right sides, so that your cooking creativity can be doubled! It is easy to cook two kinds of food at the same time, or enjoy two kinds of soup bases at the same time in hot pot, which doubles the deliciousness!



✅ Suitable for BRUNO Compact Hot Plate
✅ Ceramic saucepan with non-stick surface, easy to clean
✅ There is an insulated handle on the body of the pot, which is more secure when extracting
✅Split left and right sides, can make 2 kinds of dishes at the same time or Enjoy 2 soup bases
✅ Suitable for making hot pot, paella, oden, slow cooking, boiled fish and other dishes


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  • Product size: 405 mm (width) x 242mm (depth) x 70mm (height)
  • Weight : 0.98 kg
  • Material : Aluminum Die Casting / Phenolic Resin / Stainless Steel
  • Origin: China
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