BRUNO Double Steamer (for Oval Hot Plate)

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A must-have for healthy steaming, the double-layer steaming tool with rave reviews! The double-layer steam compartment can be used with ceramic deep pot accessories for steaming dishes. Two-layer design, can be freely matched and used, and stacked for storage. The iron mesh interval design makes it easier for steam to reach the upper layer, and the cooking power is more uniform.


✅ Compatible with BRUNO Oval Hot Plate
Double-layer steaming compartment, can be used with ceramic deep pot accessories for steaming dishes
✅ Can be used as a single or double layer
✅ There is a stainless steel mesh rack at the bottom to allow the steam to circulate more
✅ Can be stacked and stored to save space
✅ There are handles on both sides of the steam compartment for easy extraction at any time
✅ Multilayer Seafood Steam Pot Best Kitchenware


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  • Origin: China
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