Sharp Sampo AX-1700R(R) Healsio Water Wave Oven

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SHARP superheated steam is to heat ordinary steam to higher than 100⁰C, turning it into colorless and transparent gas molecules. When the superheated steam comes into contact with the food, it can transfer huge heat energy to the food. This cooking method using a large amount of heat energy technology is called "superheated steam technology". Moreover, during the cooking process using the Healsio water wave oven, microwave heating is not combined at all, which can reduce cell damage and oxidation, and keep the original umami taste of food.


✅Superheated steam 250˚C
SHARP superheated steam technology sprays a large amount of ultra-high temperature steam directly on the food, and adopts the anti-overflow device on the door side that can increase the steam in the furnace, so that the food can be cooked in a low-oxygen environment by "grilling with water", and the food is cooked to the best Original natural taste.

✅Preserve the umami taste of food (+1.4 times)* 1 /sweetness (+1.2 times)* 2
Superheated steam cooking can inhibit cell damage and preserve the original taste of food, allowing you to taste "natural taste".

✅Fat Loss (-23% Calories)* 1
SHARP's unique superheated steam technology can quickly cook food and reduce the excess fat of the ingredients themselves. While enjoying deep-fried food and crispy barbecue, it will not let the body eat too much fat.

✅Enhance nutrients (+1.4 times)* 1
Vitamins are easily oxidized during cooking, and cooking in a Healsio microwave oven can retain most of the vitamins necessary for the human body, reducing the need for supplementary processed nutrients.

✅Multiple intimate cooking modes

  • Superheated Steam: 100 - 250˚C
  • Pure steaming : 70 - 100˚C
  • hot air convection : 100 - 250˚C
  • fermentation : 30 - 45˚C
  • microwave : 200/500/600/800W
  • barbecue : 1410W
  • All in one automatic sensing cooking (grilling/baking/stir-frying/steaming)
  • heating : Crispy/ Steamed/ Breaded/ Frozen/ Customized
  • Beverage heating 1/2/3/4 cups & smart heating

A multi-functional microwave oven can cook all kinds of healthy food for you and your family, make your own taste, and taste simple happiness with your loved ones!

✅Disinfect tableware* 3
Sterilize with high-temperature steam, which can sterilize tableware or baby bottles.

✅Easy to remove grease and dirt

  • Equipped with stainless steel silicone resin coating * 4 design to reduce odor, oil stains and mold are not easy to adhere and grow in the oven cavity.
  • And it has a steam cleaning function, the oil will float on the surface and be wiped off more easily.

* 1 Testing agency: (Ichicai) Japan Food Analysis Center
* 2 SHARP internal testing
* 3 (1) Kyoto Institute of Microbiology
* 4Okitsumo (Corp.)

Warranty terms

The original package is licensed, and the general agent provides one-year local maintenance and repair in Hong Kong.

recipe demonstration

Baked European Bread Baked in a Water-wave Oven

product specification

  • Oven capacity: 31 liters
  • Output Power:
    • Microwave: 200/500/600/800W
    • BBQ: 1410W
  • Temperature adjustment:
    • Superheated Steam: 100 - 250˚C
    • Pure steaming: 70 - 100˚C
    • Hot air convection: 100 - 250˚C
    • Fermentation: 30˚C - 45˚C
  • Sensor: Humidity/Infrared/Temperature
  • Cooking mode: superheated steam/pure steam/barbecue/hot air convection/microwave/fermentation
  • Number of automatic cooking modes: 15 item
  • Number of recipes: 140
  • Cleaning mode: Disinfect tableware/Drain/Steam clean/Descale/Empty burn
  • Inner wall material: stainless steel silicone coating
  • Chamber Dimensions (W x H x D): 400mm x 244mm x 316mm
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 500mm x 420mm x 475mm
  • Accessories: baking tray x 2, mesh rack x 1 , water tank x 1
  • Voltage: 220V ~ 50Hz 1.41kW
  • Country of Origin: Thailand

additional information

  • This product will be shipped by Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited (DCH)。
  • Except pre-order products, delivery will be arranged within 2-3 working days. Staff from DCH will contact to arrange the delivery date and time.
  • For more details, please refer to our shipping policy.

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