KINTO CAPSULE cold brew carafe 1L

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KINTO CAPSULE capsule cold brew carafe is a very popular product of the KINTO brand. Its Japanese style is simple and warm. Japan's KINTO CAPSULE capsule cold brew pot has the most careful lid design. When pouring drinks, you don't need to open the lid first. when tilted The lid will open automatically, and the drink can be poured freely at 360 degrees. When the bottle is placed upright, cover again It closes automatically, which is very convenient. CAPSULE capsule cold brew pot The filter is made of fine mesh material, Suitable for making cold brew coffee or cold brew tea.


✅ Japanese minimalist style, exquisite texture
✅ Carefully designed Lid does not need to be opened, pours beverage when tilted and closes automatically when placed upright
✅ Perfect for making cold brew coffee or tea
✅ The filter is made of fine mesh material to prevent fine powder from escaping.
✅ Wide bottle mouth and balanced structural design make cleaning easier


  • Weight: about 450g
  • Size: Height 270mm, diameter 85mm
  • Capacity: 1L
  • Material: heat-resistant glass, ABS resin, stainless steel, silicon rubber, polypropylene
  • Origin: China
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