KINTO SEPIA amber mug

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KINTO SEPIA Amber Mug is suitable as a coffee mug, tea cup or drinking glass. It brings a nostalgic retro feel to the home.


✅ Amber glass material, presenting a nostalgic feeling
✅ The bottom of the cup is protruding and can be stacked and stored
✅ Suitable for Use it for coffee, tea or water mugs
Thick handle with reinforced non-slip surface


  • Weight:
    • 270ml : 120g
    • 340ml : 145g
  • Size:
    • 270ml : 115mm (W) x 65 mm (H), diameter 75mm
    • 340ml: 115mm (width) x 70mm (height), diameter 80mm
  • Material: Heat-resistant glass
  • Origin: China
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