MARNA Good Lock Moisture-proof Seasoning Box 370ml

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MARNA Good Lock moisture-proof seasoning box is a collection of carefully designed Seasoning box. It has sealant edge design, can effectively prevent seasoning caked with moisture. As long as you lightly press the lid, it will pop up automatically, and it will be locked firmly after the lid is closed. To prevent insects from crawling in. Inside the box is a divider that rests against the handle of the spoon to prevent spoon slipped into the seasoning. All parts are removable for cleaning, ensuring hygiene.


✅ Has sealant edge design, can effectively prevent the seasoning is damp and agglomerated
✅ Open with one button,
 lid opens backwards for easy cooking
✅ The lid locks tightly when closed to prevent insects from crawling in spoon slipped to seasoning
✅ The partition is also easy to fill spoon for more accurate measurement
✅ There is a scale on the box body to indicate the position of the full box
✅ All parts can be disassembled and cleaned to ensure hygiene
🏆 Won the 2020 Japanese famous design award Good Design Award and Red Dot Design Award 2022

* There is also a dedicated seasoning rack for use





  • Dimensions: 68mm (W) x 155 mm (D) x 95mm (high)
  • Capacity: 370ml
  • Material: ABS resin / silicone
  • Origin: box, lid , slit plate , spoon , Button: Made in Japan, Packaging: Made in China
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