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Talisman Designs Beechwood Corner Spoon - Animal Pattern

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Talisman Designs in the specializes in the design of creative and characteristic kitchen utensils, a set of 4 beech wood measuring spoons , with laser engraved cute animals in the forest, Don't worry about fading after using for a long time. Made of natural beech wood, Protected with natural hand oil, waterproof and durable. Each measuring spoons have unique natural wood grain, put it in your kitchen to add taste.



✅ Made of natural beech wood, protected with natural wood oil, waterproof and durable
✅ Cute animal patterns are engraved by laser, no worry about fading after long-term use
✅ Each beech wood mixing spoon has unique natural wood grain

* Hand wash recommended



  • Weight: 86g
  • Dimensions: 305mm (L) x 65mm (W)
  • Material: Beech
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