Falcon Enamelware 3 Pint Jug 1.7L

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Color: White with Blue rim

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Falcon Enamelware 3 point jug has a capacity of 1.7L and is suitable for holding frozen drinks. You can also use it as a vase, as a warm decoration at home.



1.7L capacity, which is similar to the capacity of most kettles
Compatible with vases
✅ Straight into the fridge

✅ Has good acidity and salt resistance, and is not easy to produce chemical changes with ingredients

* If the edge of the product is unevenly colored, or there are small black spots on the surface, it is a normal phenomenon during production and does not affect the use and safety.
* Unless the product is seriously damaged, such as scratches or bumps, it cannot be used as a reason for return.



  • Size: Height 230mm
  • Capacity: 1700ml
  • Material: Enamel
  • Origin: China
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