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Anova Precision™ Vacuum Sealer ANVS01-UK00

Licensed Goods
2-year warranty
$82.00 USD
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Anova Precision™ Vacuum Sealer is small in size, only about 12cm in depth, and can be stored conveniently in your kitchen cabinet. There are 3 modes: vacuum + sealing, seal and pulse vacuuming, which are easy to operate. Its powerful suction draws air away quickly, helping you prepare the perfect slow cooker vacuum bag, or to preserve food in a vacuum.



✅ The body is slim, the depth is only about 12cm, and it is very easy to store
✅ One -click vacuuming and sealing
 Also with sealing and pulse vacuuming functions
✅ With 10 vacuum bags



2-year warranty by the Hong Kong Distributor







    • Weight: 1.04kg
    • Dimensions: 425mm (W) x 122mm (D) x 79.7mm (H)
    • Power: 220V/80W
    • Function: One-key vacuuming and sealing, sealing and segmental vacuuming
    • Accessories: vacuum bag x 10
    • Material: Plastic body
    • Conforms to Hong Kong/Europe safety standards: 220V Hong Kong (UK) three-pin plug
    • Origin: China
    For shipping information of regions outside Hong Kong, please refer to our shipping policy.

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