BALMUDA The Range Microwave Oven 2nd Generation K09G

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1-year warranty
Design Awards
Good Design Award
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Colour: Dark Gray【Limited Colour】【Pre-order: Arrive in September】

BALMUDA The Range microwave oven is a top-of-the-line microwave oven that combines design and usability, and transforms your kitchen into a place of fun and creativity. The second generation of BALMUDA The Range - K09G 2024 has made a number of improvements: the oven capacity has been increased from 18L to 21L, and the hidden heating tube design has been adopted for easier cleaning. With 5 microwave heating modes and an oven mode, the BALMUDA The Range is easy to operate and can be used for all your cooking needs. BALMUDA The Range is operated by a beautiful, humorous instrumental sound. Even on busy mornings, it will put you in a good mood.


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✅ BALMUDA The Range 2nd Generation - K09G, the new Version in 2024
220V Hong Kong version, with UK three-pin plug
✅ Built-in with 5 microwave heating modes and oven mode for easy operation *
✅ New generation microwave system design for more precise and even heat distribution
✅ Hidden heating tube design and flat internal structure for easier cleaning
✅ Oven capacity is increased from 18L to 21L for more cooking space and flexibility
✅ Ventilation position is moved from the side to the upper part, reducing installation restrictions
✅ Design combines classic elements and modernity, with pleasant guitar sound and spotlight effect during cooking, adding more fun to your cooking
✅ Comes with a deep, practical enameled baking tray for cooking different recipes
🏆 Winner of the 2018 Good Design Award, a prestigious design award in Japan

* 5 microwave heating modes include: Auto mode for detecting food temperature change, Manual mode (100-800W), Beverage heating mode, Frozen rice mode and Defrost mode to meet different needs
* Oven function: Adjustable in 10℃, select between 100-230℃ for baking, and can also be set to pre-heat or 40℃ for bread fermentation
* The Hong Kong version control panel is in English



One year local warranty in Hong Kong provided by the distributor.





  • Outer size (with handle): 456mm(W)× 440mm(D)× 331mm(H)
  • Inner size: about 21L, 352mm(W)× 314mm(D)× 198mm(H)
  • Weight: about 15.5kg
  • Color: Black / White /Dark Grey (Limited colour)
  • Power cord: about 1m
  • Power consumption (Microwave): 1,270W
  • Power consumption (Oven): 1,350W
  • Accessories: Oven, enamel baking tray
  • Conforms to Hong Kong/Europe safety standards: 220V Hong Kong (UK) three-pin plug
  • Modes: 1. Auto mode 2.Manual mode 3.Beverage heating mode 4. Frozen rice mode 5. Defrost mode 6. Oven mode
  • Origin: China



Q: What are the differences between BALMUDA The Range and  BALMUDA The Toaster?
A: BALMUDA The Range is a combination of microwave oven and oven. It has a larger capacity and is equipped with 5 microwave functions for defrosting and heating food. While using the oven function,  preheating is required before cooking, and temperature can be set between 100-230°C. On the other hand, BALMUDA The Toaster is specially designed for reheating bread in a short time. It has a smaller capacity, 4 bread modes, and a water spout at the top that creates steam when reheating bread. BALMUDA The Toaster also has a baking function and the temperature can be set at 170°C, 200°C and 230°C.

Q: Can I adjust BALMUDA The Range's volume?
A: Yes. Simply press and hold the cancel button for more than 2 seconds to enter the setting mode to adjust the volume. There are 4 levels of volume and silent mode. Note that if the silent mode is selected, there will be sound when cooking is completed, when the cancel button is pressed, or when errors occur.

Q: How much space should be reserved for the air vent?
A: The air vent of BALMUDA The Range K09G is located at the back of the top side. When positioning, please make sure that it is not sealed and that a distance of 15 cm or more should be reserved above it. If there is a glass window at the back, a distance of 20cm or more should be reserved at the back.

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