BALMUDA The Toaster Third Generation

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Good Design Award
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The classic and simple award-winning exterior design, combined with the exclusive steam technology, can further enhance the taste of bread. This is what makes the Japanese BALMUDA The Toaster different! Stepping into the third-generation model, the function has been improved again.

The new model further improves the temperature control, the effect is more perfect, and with the further improved firepower, the frozen bread can be easily baked with a crispy surface and a moist and fragrant inside!



✅ The third generation BALMUDA The Toaster - K05E 2021 new version
Built-in 5 baking modes, including: toast, cheese toast, French bread, croissant and classic mode
✅ With 170℃, 200 ℃ and 250℃ traditional heating and baking mode, convenient for making more baked dishes
✅ Patented steam injection technology, can bake the surface of the toast to be crispy and fragrant, while locking the moisture inside
✅ New switch button, 30 Automatic shutdown in seconds
✅ Improved temperature control for better baking results
✅ Electronic temperature control technology can carefully control the temperature in units of 1 second according to the type of bread
🏆 Won the 2015 Japan's famous design award Good Design Award

* The third generation of BALMUDA The Toaster (K05E) has made a lot of small improvements, be careful not to buy the old model by mistake.



The original package is licensed, and the general agent provides one-year local maintenance and repair in Hong Kong.






  • Body size: 357mm (width) × 321mm (depth) × 209mm (height)
  • Furnace size: 274mm (width) × 204mm (depth) × 178mm (height)
  • Weight: about 4.8kg
  • Color: black/white /milk tea
  • Power cord: about 1m
  • Power Consumption: 1,300W
  • Accessories: 5CC measuring cup
  • Conforms to Hong Kong/Europe safety standards: 220V Hong Kong (UK) three-pin plug
  • Modes: 1. Toast Mode 2. Cheese Toast Mode 3. French Bread Mode 4. Croissant Mode 5. Classic Toast Mode
  • Origin: China
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