BRUNO Double Steamer (for Compact Hot Plate)

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Whether it is cooking delicious multi-layer steamed seafood and porridge base, or enjoying a variety of healthy steamed dishes, BRUNO's new exclusive accessory, the double-layer steaming compartment, is here!


✅ Compatible with BRUNO Compact Hot Plate
✅ A set of two pieces, set up two sets of high and low steam compartments, which can be used separately or at the same time, the cooking capacity is more flexible
✅ Transparent design, you can watch the cooking status of the ingredients at any time The essence of the ingredients can be collected downwards, which is the most suitable for making seafood porridge
✅ It fits closely with the size of the ceramic deep pot, so the steam will not leak out and it is safer
✅ Combined with two load-bearing stainless steel grid accessories, the weight of the ingredients can be dispersed, and the use is more secure
✅ Safe material Tritan , BPA-free, no harmful substances will be released after long-term use, and it is more safe to eat
✅ It can be pushed and stacked for more space-saving storage
Multi Layer Seafood Steamer Best Cookware

* Must be used together with ceramic deep socket



Warranty terms do not apply to this product.




  • Product Size:
    • Upper compartment: 358mm (width) x 215mm (depth) x 70mm (height)
    • Lower compartment: 358mm (width) x 210mm (depth) x 86mm (height)
  • Weight :
    • Upper steam compartment: 340g
    • Bottom steam compartment: 360g
  • Material : Tritan™
  • Origin: China
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